AR10x96 Low Profile Airport Barricade

AR10x96 Barricade

AR10x96 Low Profile Airport Barricade


10″H x96″L x10″W

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First Low Profile Airport Barricade Specifically Designed for Airport Runway Construction

Since 1999 airports worldwide have used our AR10X96 Low Profile Airport Barricade to warn pilots of hazardous construction zones and ensure traveler safety. Our AR10X96 low profile barricades can be ordered with orange and white reflective sheeting and can hold up to 2 flashing red lights per section.

FOD free, when interconnected they can stand up to jet blast without the use of sand bags.

Easy-to-Install Lights

Our specially-designed C01 lights take just seconds to install since they screw right into the barricade fill holes. Our new lights have a track record as highly-dependable lights when used in conjunction with our barricades!


As a durability test, the AR10x96 O V.2 was filled with water, raised by a forklift and dropped to the pavement. When dropped from a height of 18 feet, the barricade sustained a tremendous impact without breaking. See videos below. The barricade was also rammed by a forklift and also did not sustain damage.  Pretty cool, huh!  Let's see our competitors do this!

Airport barricade 2


Lighted Runway Closure Marker


Are you looking for lighted runway clousure markers for your project?

Allison Enterprise has lighted runway closure markers used for closing down runways during contruction, emergencies, or other purposes. Our pricing is among some of the most competitive in the US. Please do not hesitate to ask for a quote for you bid or for your project. Our runway closure marker units are manufactured her in the United States and can be delivered to any job site or airport in the U.S.

Email us now for a quote: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Lighted X Marker


Allison Enterprise offering Airport Runway Closure Markers

Airport Runway Closure Marker

Airport Runway and Taxiway Closure Markers

Allison Enterprise offers airport runway closure markers that are made of durable "yellow", UV treated 1000 denier, vinyl laminated nylon. Plastic grommets every 3 feet for stakes or attachment to sandbags. *Price is per "X". Allison Enterprise offers two types of closure markers. One for closing of airport runways, and one used to close taxiways. The two sizes are as follows:

Taxiway Closure Marker - 30'x30'x5'

Airport Runway Closure Marker - 60'x60'x10'

Click here to begin your purchase!

Airport X


Temporary fence panels

Chain Linke Fence Panels

Are you looking to protect your construction project from civilian traffic? Purchase temporary fence panels from Allison Enterprise!


Airport Barricade

Low Profile Airport Barricade


Airport Barricade

Airport Barricades

Are you looking to supply your project with an airport barricade?

Customers often come to us searching for the perfect airport barricade sytem. Many times there are issues with water leaks from competitors, durability issues, or just a better looking product. When our airport barricades are used on airport projects, cutomers can see the difference immediately. Our airport barricades are the preferred low profile airport barricade on the market. Contact us today so we can quote your job with low profile barricade pricing.

Airport barricade

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